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Terrenos helps you showcase your plot products and keep in touch with your customers

Terrenos is a specialised kind of website for urban development projects.

With Terrenos websites you publish a catalogue of plots as a map, with all the details of each parcel, along with the contact information, and the documentation your prospective customers need.

Customers can keep track of the evolution of the project, either visiting the website or receiving updates by email.

Interactive map

Your plots map is shown as a layer inside an interactive Google Map. Customers can explore the surroundings without leaving your website. Plot availability and other details are shown right inside the map, without the need to go back and forth to other pages.

Easy to manage

The website has a private administration zone where you can update the plot details or shape, as well as publish documents, news, and other contents.


Campus Dieburg

Alte Ziegelei Groß-Zimmern

“Dank der ansprechenden und funktionellen Programmierung unserer Homepage akquirieren wir nicht nur neue Kunden sondern erleichtern uns durch die intuitiv präsentierte Information auch die Vertriebsarbeit. Vielen Dank an Awarepixel für die tolle Arbeit!”

(The attractive and functional programming of our website helps us acquire new customers and present information in an intuitive way at sales work. Thanks to Awarepixel for the great work!)

Christian Früchtenicht
Managing Director ARGE alte Ziegelei Groß-Zimmern

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