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BetterSource Safari Extension

BetterSource shows the document source in a new tab, with line numbers, and colour syntax highlighting.

Button with markup brackets Shows the original source, as received from the web server.

Button with markup bracket and wrist watch Shows the generated source. This is the source of the current document, after any alteration made by Safari or scripts.

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Version 1.1


1.1 (18 Dec 2012)

  • Line numbers are not included in the selection, except when “Selecting all”
  • Switched to google-code-prettify highlighter
  • Added embedded DejaVu Sans Mono font
  • Removed jQuery

1.0 (June 2010)

  • Initial version
  • Syntax highlighting (SHJS – Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript )
  • New tab to view source
  • Line numbers (inline)
  • Generated source
  • Original source
  • Soft wrap



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